Friday, July 20, 2012

boom shakalaka

Hey, from the sports day, until now I haven't seen you yet. Miss the "hai tablemate" called. If yesterday, I think its a weirdo thing to do but now, I know that you just want to be a nice person for me. "Belajar rajin-rajin tau". I taked that word :D know what, for this mid term, I've got 7A and first in my class. alhamdulilah. Someone asked me, " Time form five, nak jadi macam siapa?" Oh, that thing, obviously I would say "her". Many people that is nice to me would no longer stay. This year, our CS already form five and we will stay for our big exam next year and CS are no longer be seen. Last batch PMR, oh, why everybody kept saying that thing and especially the teachers. It would made me even more nuts.

Oh well, second semester sudah.  exams two weeks more maybe. shitt -___-'' oi, bila korang nak buat renion ah T__T eyey, many problems. Tytle, form one, senior dorm and so on. Maybe, I should stop thinking that and enjoy my life. yes, maybe. Err, nak MP3. Already told my father and he asked me for what.  I replied, "nak dengar lagu". Once again, he said, buat apa nak dengar lagu, next year dah nak PMR, kang asyik dengar lagu je. Err, okayla, after PMR, nak MP3 tau. He said, okay. So, waiting for next year la. Nevermind, not a big problem pun. Till here, Happy fasting and bubye.


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